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Some friends of Lawrence Beamen
City: Walnut Creek    


Touted by Piers Morgan as the next Barry White, America's Got Talent 2009 finalist, Lawrence Beamen combines a rich bass baritone voice and smoldering stage presence with small town Mississippi charm. In the words of Sharon Osbourne, 30-year old Beamen is a class act.

Lawrence's performance of "Ole Man River" garnered a standing ovation from all three judges and ranked him in the top 5. His rendition of "My First, My Last, My Everything", in the America's Got Talent Finals, demonstrated his stunning range and crossover appeal. Whether he is singing R&B, gospel, or classical, Beamen explains that each time I open my mouth I think of the South. Mississippi runs deep in my veins.

Lawrence began his singing career at the age of 6 in the churches of the American South. Determined to rise above his humble beginnings He undertook classical vocal training and earned his masters degree in psychology. He sought out the top talent in the music industry, working in every capacity, from acting to singing to songwriting to producing.

He viewed each opportunity as a chance to become a better artist.
while remaining true to his roots. His remarkable talent was recognized at the age of 16 with an invitation to perform for Rosa Parks , the mother of the civil rights movement. Shortly after the Rosa Parks performance he was summoned to the Vatican to perform "Amazing Grace" for Pope John Paul II.

Since his early days, Beamen has opened for Patti La Belle, collaborated with Grammy award-winning producer Narada Michael Walden, Chuckii Booker and international gospel legend Andrae Crouch, just to name a few.

Most of all Beamen loves performing one man shows and singing the praises of Paul Robeson. Robeson is truly an African-American performing legend and political activist. He paved the way for the rights of every artist.