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Roger Koay Chan Khoon’s Theory(For my Renaissance’s Age)
The Clog’s Theory
Greetings, my name is Roger Koay Chan Khoon. I am 21 year old. I graduated from SMJK Heng Ee Secondary school. My studies’ level is until Form 5. SMJK © Moh Ghee Pusat is my Primary School. My Primary’s code is 4924 and Secondary’s code is 04351. I will like to invite my Secondary School’s Principal’s Mr Goh Boon Poh attending this Theory.
This Theory is about Pipe’s Clogs and Educational Program. My IC is 911230-07-5153. I stay at BLOK 46-9-12, JALAN VAN PRAAGH,11600 Pulau Pinang. My father is Eddie Koay Chin Chye and my mother is Lily Quah Siew Goek.I hope this will fave for China’s Currency Presidential- President Hu Jin Tao.
The Theory involves Pipe water, Clogs, Tap, Sink, Residue and Education. Education is Water and Food. As education flows, it stops at the Holes. We, Homo Sapiens, eat the Clogs (Education) and gaining more knowledge; e.g. We study the whole pages in the dictionaries and recalling by asking opinions, hence, we gain more profits and more remembering.
As a teenage adolescence, I have a request. Would you aid me to study in Italian Universities and marry Italian LADY? Please, this is my Renaissance’s Age. My Email is and the Password is R(Capital ‘R’)enaissance. Please reply me if you will have some inquiries. Please hacking my Email and IC (For the usage of FBI, ICAC and CIA). I work at Eden Handicap Centre as a volunteer. My Boss’ handphone’s number is 0134412758. My handphone’s number is 0164567256. I require to study skilling in Italy,e.g. Art, Drama, Opera, Religion, Culture, Mythology, Linguistics, Poems, Literatures, Novel, etc.. Asking F4 AFTERNOON TEACHER ANNE TAN.