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ClassicalPlace terms of use
  1. The service is strictly personal and not transferable.
  2. It's absolutely forbidden to resell or make any other commercial use of the service.
  3. The users assume full and exclusive responsibility for any contents distribuited online through ClassicalPlace; ClassicalPlace will not make any prior control on contents.
  4. It's absolutely forbidden to publish offensive, libelous, defamatory, porngraphic, vulgar, obscene, profane contents not in conformity with the principles of public order and morality.
  5. It's absolutely forbidden to use the service for advertising or any other form that transform the service in something else.
  6. Spam and any type of deceptive advertising are absolutely forbidden.
  7. It's absolutely forbidden to publish copyright material without the express authorization of the holder of the intellectual property rights.
  8. It's absolutely forbidden to publish contents related to personal information, photos, or images of children and other people without the necessary authorization for online distribution.
  9. It's absolutely forbidden to corrupt in any form the service provided by ClassicalPlace.

Registered users, in respect of the previous paragraphs are committed to respect the ClassicalPlace terms of use. Any misuse will result in an immediate notification or the permant deletetion of the account.

ClassicalPlace is free to modify, delete or obscure contents if they are not complient with the above mentioned points.

ClassicalPlace will grant full cooperation to judicial authorities, under the criteria of the Italian laws, concerning the prevetion and suppression of crimes in the case of criminal prosecution.


It is not possibile for any reason to use, copy, disclose, imitate in whole or in part without prior consent and authorization, the distintive elements, graphics and the brand of ClassicalPlace.

It's absolutely forbidden to publish, transmit and share copyright materials. A link is available: "Contacts", located at the end of each page, where you can report, with appropriate documentation, any copyright violations. ClassicalPlace will immediately remove all content that violates copyright, and in case of repeated violations will permanently delete the user account.


ClassicalPlace is absolutely not responsible for contents; posted, trasmitted and shared by users or third parties on their server, and for inappropriate, offensive, obscene or illegal contents present on the page of users.

ClassicaPlace is not absolutely responsable for omissions, errors, deletions, defects, delays in operations, errors due to connection problems or for any theft, unathorized access or contents deletions. ClassicalPlace is also not absolutely responsable for malfunctions or technical issues relating to the provider, network or telephone service or traffic congestion of the internet.

ClassicalPlace is not absolutely responsable for any loss, damage or tampering with the users' personal contents.

Finally, ClassicalPlace reserve the right to edit any content and service at any time without notice.