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Some friends of Faye
City: Portsmouth    Instruments: 'Cello and Piano    Languages: I have a smattering of French and Italian, but I mostly believe in the language of Communication     Self-Expression    


I grew up in a household with a musical sound of some kind. I would hear hymns on the radio, Classical Music and songs aired on Children's Programmes. Drawn in by these influences at an early age,  I was able to pick out these tunes on the Piano. Strong recommendations from a local teacher, urged my parents to support my interest in Piano lessons.

At eight years, I was immediately captured by the mellow sounds of the 'Cello aired on the Radio. After a few months, tuition followed which 'whetted' my appetite for the instrument. At 14, I joined the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain. Since leaving the Guildhall School of Music and The Budapest Academy, along side my venture into solo work, I continued with chamber and ensemble playing.