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City: International (US, Czech Republic, Italy)    Instruments: Piano, Keyboard, Digital-    Languages: English--    


  Internet Biography of Richard Ozanne (Marsh)

Educational-Background Richard Ozanne

Richard Ozanne (Marsh) Visual Artist, contemporary pianist-interpreter, composer, and musical thinker-Multi Media, Classical Modern, Writer, and Poet.


My background comes from several generations of music and interpretation. Both parents were concert pianists. On one side my father Ozan Marsh was a worldwide touring concert artist and professor of the piano with hundreds upon hundreds of pianistic appearances with orchestras across the United States, Europe, Russia, China (PRC) Korea, and many other places. His life was dedicated to the piano, as a concert artist and professor of piano at such musical institutes as the University of Arizona, Chautauqua Institution, Indiana University, Butler University during his life-long career, as professor and teacher of the instrument. 

His background came from studies with Egon Petri, Emile Von Sauer, Robert Casadesus, Isador Phillip and coaching with Vladimir Horowitz and Sergi Rachmaninoff (Pianist Composer) during his lifelong career. He was a pianist who specialized in Franz Liszt, Fredrick Chopin, and other composers. 

My mother was a student of Egon Petri, Marcel Maas, Isabelle Vengerova, and others. She had a wonderful career changed into piano teaching. As a professor of music, she taught many of today's outstanding talents.

My grandfather on my fathers' side was a noted concert violinist, appearing across the country while my mothers' father (Herbert Benkman) was chair flutist for the course of his life with the San Francisco Symphony (from 1928-1964) 

The background goes further into history with my grandmother Eltka Tchereginska, Shakespearean stage actress early on in the 20th century,  my great-grandfather who was a violinist in Germany c. The 1870s and family 'Ozanne' noted for visual artists...

Current Residence in Sedona, Arizona sustained silence-personal reasons- for much of my work in piano and music, 2015 onward... 

(Recordings and other media not included in this website after this 2.14 2015, material on this site are older recorded archive material from personal archives...)

Basic Professional Biography:


BFA University of Arizona (Tucson), Graduate School (1978-82)

Art Students League of New York, New York City New York (1983-86)

Columbia University, City of New York (Graduate School to Masters Program)

Chautauqua Institution, Chautauqua New York (1967-85)

MFA Arizona State University, Tempe Arizona, Post Graduate Program (1992)

Ph.D., Arts, and Humanities, Foreign Research Program, Czech Republic (1997)

Foreign Study in France and Italy.

Some  Projects: Pianists Foundation of America, Division of Related Arts, (Tucson Arizona, New York City, ) Governing Board, ABIRA Biographical Research, (1992, Board of Advisors) others,  IAAC Institute for the Advancement of Arts Culture, Org (1994), Marlov Corporation, (1994) Universal American Artists Inc, (2001), Clair Power Murphy Foundation (Interim Vice President) ...others. 

Numerous International Awards for Art in the US, UK, Italy...etc

I began my study of the piano from a very early age, practicing, taking lessons and having encouraging teaching through my parents Ozan Marsh and Patricia Benkman (both international pianists of their era. My father studied with Egon Petri, Emile Von Sauer, Robert Casadesus, with advanced coaching from Vladimir Horowitz and Sergi Rachmaninoff. My mother was a brilliant pianist, a student of Egon Petri, Marcel Maas Isabelle Vengerova/ Both parents were concert pianists and teachers for their entire lives)

As a young child, I took to music like a duck to water and was encouraged by my parents towards this appreciation through lessons and study. As a young child, I could play many things by ear, as a simple note.

I attended music school at Chautauqua Music Festival and the University of Arizona, first in the study of music (three years) and then switched majors to art, (painting, drawing, and illustration). I kept on with the piano as a private student however studying with my father and eventually becoming his traveling manager to foreign countries where he would perform. My travels with my father as his travel manager on tours included 3 round the world tours with 2 visits to the former Soviet Union, 2 trips to Peoples Republic of China, South Korea, Asia, and Australia.  I learned a great deal from both my parents about the career and music through the years playing mostly for myself and in small venue concerts when applicable. My years of study were replete with meeting many people in the musical field, Instrumentalists, conductors, and composers of note via my parents' contacts as well as my own.


Musical Study and Performances:

  • First Stage Appearance April 25, 1965 (Spartanburg SC) -small brief mention in Spartanburg newspaper. (link)- Spartanburg News Article.

  • University of Arizona Music School, Tucson Arizona 1977-82: Studied with Ozan Marsh, during my course of study as a music student through Bachelors Degree (lessons through to 1991)

  • Chautauqua Institution, Chautauqua New York.1965/86

  • Private Study in piano/music 1964-1991 Ozan Marsh, Patricia Benkman

  • Performances across the United States and in Europe--

  • Recordings of Personal Work and Musical Pieces of the Great Masters: Bach, Beethoven, Schubert, Schumann, Liszt, Moskowski, Rachmaninoff,  Scriabin, Prokofiev, Shostakovich, Kabalevsky. 

Please email for further background or interest in other recorded works or videos.

Teacher of Piano

Beginning and Intermediate levels- (1982 to present) for studio teaching:

Taught in New York City, Private Teaching at my studio 1983-86

Tempe Arizona, Studio in Tempe AZ

 Prague, Czech Republic.

Venaria Reale Italy (Europe)

Some Highlights:

Private Studio Experience-Teacher of Piano

Foreign Professor Adjunct: Charles University, Academy of Music and Arts, Prague Czech Republic, Classes in music-music management, and home. 1997-2003

International School, Private Exclusive School, Moncaliere Italy, (Torino) 2005/06