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Daniele Venturi was born in Porretta Terme (Bologna-Italy) in 1971. 
As a composer and Choir Director he is among the most highly regarded of the younger generation.
He has degrees in Choral Music, Conducting and Composition. 

After his studies at Bologna Conservatoire attended masterclasses of Giacomo Manzoni (Fiesole-Florence), Fabio Vacchi (Portogruaro-Venice) and Ivan Fedele (Pescara). He has also studied composition with Franco Donatoni, Adriano Guarnieri, 
Gérard Grisey, Jean-Jacques Nattiez, Luis de Pablo, Fausto Razzi and orchestral conducting with Piero Bellugi (Florence). 
He has conducted choirs such as L’Homme Armé, Voices of Europe and he is now the director of the Gaudium choir (italian folk songs) and Arsarmonica ensemble.Since 1987 he has done ethnomusicological research in the Bologna and Modena areas, finding interesting ideas for his original compositions. 
The most remarkable works to mention are the opera Colapisci e il ponte sospeso (which won the second prize at Gino Contilli International Competition Messina, 2003), 
The city of the plague (2004) by Aleksandr Sergeevič Puškin, Giuda (2006) a stage monologue of Sabina Guidotti, for violoncello solo and live electronics. 
He has received various commissions from important festivals and his compositions have been performed in many contemporary music festivals by famous artists and broadcasted by Radio Tre Suite, Emilia-Romagna Radio and RAI Italian Broadcasting.
In March 2009 he was chosen by I.A.M.I.C. (International Association of Music Information Centers) to represent Italian composers in Toronto (Canada). 
In September 2009, by Bongiovanni issued his first Compact-Disc, called “Quattro lembi di cielo” (Four sky's pieces) containing 12 chamber works, with a preface by the well known Italian composer and teacher Giacomo Manzoni, and programme notes by Sandro Cappelletto. 
Recently, he has been appointed teaching Choral Conducting and Choral Composition at the F.Venezze Conservatoire in Rovigo (Italy).
His compositions are pubblished by Editions Rugginenti, Sconfinarte and Taukay.
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