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City: Farmington Hills    


Melvin Chenault is a jazz guitarist with an original sound and style. He has worked with Brian O’neal, Brotha deep, Wayne Cobham, Gaylyn Mckinney Marcus belgrave, and many more. In addition he has opened for Spencer Barefield, Straight ahead Dave McMurray, and Cedar Walden. Melvin has been playing for over 20 years. Melvin started his musical journey by playing the upright bass, at Cody high school. During this time schools still effective music classes. Jazz class, got Melvin comfortable with gigging and performing in front of a live audience. Melvin learned jazz music and theory, and how to solo. Shortly after He saw the movies Crossroads and Amadeus, two movies that filled him inspiration. Melvin received a guitar taught himself to read transpose and play classical music for both guitar and piano. And performed live at Wayne state. Several years later Melvin Started the Band Illumination; this band played Straight R & B, funk, jazz, and neo soul, as well as his own originals. “I had to step into unfamiliar waters and relearn the guitar to be this bands only guitarist” Melvin once said. During his 7 years with illumination they played the afro American museum, played many venues and became the house band for a television show on tv20 called hits and flix, a show which hosted and interviewed stars like Judge Mathis, Jeffrey Feiger, CoCo and other such television personalities. The band also met with the former president of Arrester records , for grooming and coaching. After leaving the band Melvin felt it was time to concentrate on his own vision. He started writing more original music and recording it. During this period he made a demo cd with his close friend and studio engineer Dennis Greer, This cd got the attention of jazz flutist Alexander Zonjic who loved the music and vision and encouraged Melvin to contact him Melvin has Collaborated with numerous talented musician like Yamasaki(who lives in England) electric Otto, Ulf, Db. Dubby dubs (queens new york) Russ Movado, a musical engineer and Album out Called “Emotional Intelligence” and has three more indie film maker, not to mention contacted to be the guitarist for a show on TNT . The future looks bright for this unique guitarist with an uncompromising vision of jazz. Melvin has an albums coming out in 2011. again when the cd was complete. Once Melvin joined the internet social media world, he made Contact with Brian O’Neal, Who not only praised the music , but invited Melvin to come record with him on his Christmas Album “tis the season”. Brian also invited Melvin to perform with him in Washington D.C. , for President Barak Obama .