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Some friends of Mohamed
City: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates    Instruments: Piano    Languages: English, Arabic and French    


An accomplished businessman from Morocco, Mohamed Dekkak possess a strong and solid experience in business development, financial planning, and other corporate projects.

His academic background presents a sound education with Masters degree in Entrepreneurship, International Marketing, and International Business. Given his reliable academic records, armed with business skills, he established a firm in the United Arab Emirates that spans its reach across the Middle East and North Africa. The Adgeco Group of Companies has been in the service business for 26 years.


As the Chairman and Founder of Adgeco Group, he was able to dominate challenging industries from oil and gas services to energy, construction, engineering, real estate, marine services, and more. The company has, for many years, facilitated the establishment of many global corporations in setting up their operations in the U.A.E. The first-rate services offered by Adgeco Group has carried its clients to greater heights through business expansion and diversification in the booming markets in the MENA Region.

Mohamed knows that success is a team effort. He continuously thrives to build his networks and associations to succeed.  He is a good communicator and being multilingual plays a huge factor in his years of success. 


To solidify his business relations, Mohamed associated with several business groups and councils both in Morocco and the United Arab Emirates. These organizations serve as platforms for meeting people and building upon his portfolio.  Some of these networks include Swiss, Canadian, Benelux, Netherlands, Australian, Singapore, Danish, Spanish, Malaysian, and Belgian, the Chambre Francaise de Commerce et Industrie du Maroc, British Business Group - Abu Dhabi, and the German Emirati Joint Council for Industry & Commerce.

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